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What players & parents are saying about BOLA!

  • If I were to try and consolidate my review of Jeremy and BOLA Performance I would just use the word efficient. Jeremy has helped all 3 of my sons use their bodies more efficiently giving them more time to make better decisions. He has not only physically helped my kids but has also mentally helped them become more confident in their swing. I can’t thank Jeremy enough!

    Mike P.

  • I’ve been hitting with Coach Reed for a little over a year now.  He isn’t your regular weekly hitting coach. He is very patient and able to adjust to any type of player.  Also, my swing is not changed to what he wants it to be but it’s fine tuned to what makes me comfortable and successful. As long as you are willing to put in the work and trust the process Coach Reed is the best hitting coach out there.  Thank you Coach Reed for believing and investing in me. 

    Aiden A. (Player)

  • Jeremy/BOLA Performance has completely changed me as a hitter. The confidence has completely grown to where I feel like I am able to face whoever I want and get a hit. I've learned a lot mechanically and mentally. Learning how to study pitchers and my approach.

    Gavin S.

  • As a father of three baseball players(15, 12, 7), it has been great to have them work with BoLa.  Even though I was able to play baseball into the Minor Leagues, I admit I don’t understand the swing like these guys do.  I have also noticed how beneficial it is to have someone besides their Dad talk to them about their swings.  Matt got my 15 year old son ready to start on Varsity as a freshman in High School at the #2 ranked 5A school in AZ.  He hit well over .300.  

    The thing I like most is BoLa doesn’t preach hitting lessons every week or 2x per week.  Matt gives the boys a lesson and they leave with drills to work on.  After a couple weeks or so, they check back in and he tweaks anything that needs to be.  It ends up being cheaper than paying some guy to flip balls and give my sons reps.

    Matt did a quick check in lesson with my 12 year old last week before his tournament, and he went 7-8 with 4 doubles off the wall and 9 RBIs.

    I wish I had access to BoLa when I was still playing.  I probably would have made a lot more money at this game.  Thank you for getting my boys locked in.

    They love being a part of the BoLa Ballers movement!!

    Trevor H.

  • “You get what you pay for…” Seems to always be a true testament in life.  Coach Jeremy is different and what is missing in youth sports these days.  Attention to detail, understanding the why and keeping it simple.  There is nothing like it in the hitting market.  Bola and Coach Jeremy are not your typical hitting coach.  They are not run of the mill weekly hitting session.  It’s a relationship and having access to your hitting coach 24/7 with MLB proven track record.  No BS, put simple they are the standard.  In order to be the 7% you need to do what 93% aren’t doing.  Be different, invest in yourself with a purposeful and intent plan of attack with your hitting.  You will not regret.  Thank you Coach Jeremy and Bola for taking care of us and always being there for Aiden.

    Alex A. (Dad)

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